World population growth threatens future

World population growth threatens future
By Bill Ryerson, posted Oct 27, 2011:

People[Excerpt]: There are those who have a “not to worry” attitude about the Oct. 31 “Day of Seven Billion” — when demogra­phers believe Earth’s popu­lation will reach 7 billion — but there are stark indica­tors to the contrary.

It took humans hundreds of thousands of years to reach our first billion in the 1800s. Subsequently, the population odometer has ratcheted rapidly upward. We add 84 million annually, a billion every 12 years or so.

This contributes to global warming — with carbon emissions directly linked to how many are using fossil fuels — dropping water tables everywhere, and the largest species extinction since the die off of the dinosaurs.

The problems are also profoundly human, with those who suffer usually doing so far from daily headlines. More than 350,000 women a year — one every 90 seconds — dies from complications of pregnancy or childbirth. In Africa and Southeast Asia, such complications are the leading cause of death among girls ages 15 to 19.

Hope for the betterment of women, children and entire nations hinges on what should be the most fundamental human right: Every woman deserves access to quality maternal and reproductive healthcare information and services, including affordable contraception…

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Originally published at Burlington Free Press


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